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Important information for navigation on the Frisian Peat Course

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Frisian Peat Course (Click to download the map)

Dimensions of the boat
For sailing the Frisian Peat Course, some restrictions apply with regard of the pleasure craft.
Maximum dimensions
Length: 28 meters
Width: 5 meters
Maximum draught: 1,10 meters (New: 1,30 meters on the route Oosterwolde-Smilde)
Max. vertical clearance:
3,25 m, 3,70 m, 4 m
(see below “Trajectories and vertical clearances”)
The permitted maximum cruising speed is 6 km/h.
Opening hours course
16 May to 15 September 2017.
Free operating and self-operating
The bridges and locks of the Frisian Peat Course are operated free, except for a number of swing bridges. These should be self-opened and closed.
Operating times
Monday to Saturday from 09.30-16.30 hours. Closed on Sundays and holidays.
During July and August also on Sundays.

Turfroute Copyright Friesland Holland

Legend of the map Frisian Peat Course (Click to download the legend)

The entrance to the Torf route is free. At some places a dockage fee is due to be paid, like in the marina “De Uutwiek” in Oldeberkoop. In Appel­scha and Donkerbroek, a small fee has to be paid for the use of the sanitarian facilities there, as well as for the electric connections.
Route map
On page 20-21 in this magazine you will find a map showing the route on which all locks and bridges are indicated.
Tracks and vertical clearances
1. Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart
From Gorredijk through Donkerbroek to Sluis III (at the Tsjonger) is 20 km with 4 locks, 22 movable bridges and 1 fixed bridge (max. height 4 m)
2. Sluis III-Smilde (Drenthe)
From Sluis III through Appelscha to the Drentse Hoofdvaart at Smilde is 14 km with 5 locks. 12 movable bridges and 1 fixed bridge (max. 3.70 m)
3. Tjongerkanaal Heerenveen-Mildam-Sluis III
From Mildam to the Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart at Sluis III is 20 km with 3 locks, 3 movable and 4 fixed bridges (max. height 3.70 m)
Caution! The railway bridge at Heerenveen is 3,25 m high.
Please make sure that other people will not be inconvenienced by your pet(s). Keep dogs on a leash at mooring places and harbours and clear out droppings immediately.
Visitors to the Peat Course are searching for peace. Please prevent other people experiencing your sound system or other audio sources.
Complaints, tips
If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the operation of locks and bridges or on the navigability of the channels, please inform the lockkeeper or the harbour master of a marina.
You can also send a message to ­This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call the Province of Fryslân,
tel. +31 (0)58-292 86 66.

Detailed information about the Peat Course and the region can be found on the websites:


Mooring places
• In Appelscha, along the canal
• In Hemrik beyond the lock
• In Wijnjewoude, at Klein Groningen
• In Wijnjewoude above the lock
• In Gorredijk along the canal and in the marina
• In Oldeberkoop in the marina “De Uutwiek”
• In Donkerbroek along the canal
• In Oosterwolde along the canal between the bridges
• At lock I, above and below
• At lock II, above
• Marrekrite mooring place at Mildam
• Marrekrite mooring place east of lock II
• In Lippenhuizen below the dock
• Between Lippenhuizen and Hemrik

• At the mooring places in Appelscha
• At the harbour of Oldeberkoop
• At the landing stage in Hemrik
• At the mooring places in Donkerbroek
• At the mooring places in Oosterwolde
• At the mooring places in Gorredijk

• Gorredijk, at the marina and at the landing stages
• Hemrik, on the landing stage
• Donkerbroek, at the lavatory building
• Oosterwolde, at the lavatory building
• Appelscha, on the landing stages
• Oldeberkoop at the marina
Costs of drinking-water: € 0,50 per 100 l.

Toilet and shower
• Gorredijk, at the marina and at the landingstages above the lock
• Donkerbroek, at the mooring places
• Oosterwolde, along the canal east of the Nanningaverlaat
• Appelscha, vaart ZZ, including washing machine and drier
• Oldeberkoop, in the marina, including washing machine and drier
Garbage containers
• Gorredijk at the marina
• Oldeberkoop in the marina
• At lock 1 and 2 in the Tjonger
• Appelscha at the landing stages and at the Bovenst Verlaat
• Hemrik at the lock
• Donkerbroek, at the landing stages
• Oosterwolde, at the lavatory building

Emptying point chemical toilets
• Gorredijk at the marina
• Donkerbroek at the lavatory building
• Appelscha at the lavatory building
• Oldeberkoop at the marina

Sewage- and bilge-water pumping station
• Oldeberkoop at the marina
• Appelscha at the landing stages


Availability bottled gas and breakdown assistance

• Along the Peat Course, a number of addresses are located where you can obtain bottled gas. Underneath you’ll find the addresses.
• For motor fuel you will have to depend on the regular service stations along the main roads and in the villages. We recommend to fill up the tank before you start your trip on the Peat Course.
• In a number of cases you can get help from local garages for (emergency) repairs.

For bottled gas you can call on:
Appelscha: • Karsten Boot & Caravan, Vaart Noordzijde 111, Tel. 0516-432923
Donkerbroek: • Café De Vosseheer, Vosseheer 4, Tel.0516-491985
Oldeberkoop: • Fa. A. de Jong & zn, Wolvegasterweg 1, Tel. 0516-451261
Oosterwolde: • ENORM Wieberdink, Molenweg 7, Tel. 0516-512394
Gorredijk: • Fa. H.J. Poortman, Badweg 40, Tel. 0513-466003,
• Bouwmarkt, Tolhusleane 3, Tel. 0513-461827

Motor fuel is available at local filling stations, such as:
Appelscha: • AmiGo station, Vaart NZ 9 (mooring place available)
Donkerbroek: • OK station, Balkweg 1/B Tel. 0516-491647
Gorredijk: • BP Moll, Wetterkant 2, Tel. 0513-657010
Mildam: • AmiGo tankstation, Schoterlandseweg 78
Oldeberkoop: • Gulf tankstation, De Weeme 1A, Tel. 0516-451037

Engine trouble? In a number of cases you can get help from local garages, such as:
Appelscha: • Karsten Boot & Caravan, Vaart Noorzijde 111, Tel. 0516-432923
Donkerbroek: • Autobedrijf Verlaan, Herenweg 30, Tel. 0516-491266
Wijnjewoude: • Autobedrijf De Vries, Klein Groningen 22, tel. 0516-491277
You may also ask the harbourmaster, lock or bridge keeper (in charge).


Precepts on the Peat Course

The Peat Course provides all persons on board with freedom and peace. Please bear this in mind, especially towards your fellow visitors and other persons concerned. Keep your pets on a leash and prevent nuisance caused by noise.

Generally you can remain with you boat somewhere for a longer time, unless there is an indication at that particular place that says otherwise. At the moorings at Appelscha, Donkerbroek, Hemrik and Wijnjewoude, long-lasting mooring is only permitted, when the boat is staffed during the evening and at night. Unmanned, this period is 3 days. This rule of course does not apply in case of local harbour dues.

It happens sometimes that you will have to wait longer for a lock or bridge than you would like. Usually the lock and bridge keepers are watchful to your arrival, but sometimes they got caught up as well. Please keep your patience in that case, eventually you are on holiday. Should you find that there is no obvious reason to explain why the delay is longer, please call one of the board members of the foundation The Nije Kompanjons or the province, 058-2925888.

We do the best we can to make your visit to the Peat Course as pleasant as possible.