Eastern Friesland (The Netherlands):

Tourists are pleasantly surprised by the huge variation

Nationaal Park De Alde Feanen - Earnewâld

WOLVEGA (NL) - Eastern Friesland, the Friese Wouden, is a woody park landscape that is transected by small rivers. It forms a flowing a very fascinating transition from the Frisian lakes in the west and the woods and heathland of the province of Drenthe.

The Friese Wouden is a romantic area with many small nostalgic villages and small, charming hotels and restaurants and leisure companies. Although time has not stood still , the atmosphere of yesteryear has remained. The good things from the old days have been preserved, for local residents and tourists.

Huge variation
The woods are not the main typical feature of the Friese Wouden, but rather the huge differences in the landscape, the smallness of scale, the warmth, the romanticism. Tourists are surprised by the huge variation. In the North the strip starts with an open seas clay area on the Wadden Sea and ends in the south in the river valleys of the Tsjonger (Tjonger) and the Lende (Linde). In between there are woods, pastures, timber embankments and heathland landscapes on sandy ridges and lakes and waterways in the lower parts, which are the result of peat creation. Small farms, stables, hotels, terraces at the water’s edge and in the woods, local products and unique attractions add to the Friese Wouden experience. There are fantastic cycling routes, but also waterways suitable for reasonably sized motorboats. It is also relatively cheap.